Supports an Unlimited number of Categories
Supports Unlimited Number of Greeting Cards
Supports unlimited number of background music files.
Customizable Messages -- You define the message the user receives when a card is delivered, as well as the message when a card is retrieved
Script Application (Written in Microsoft's Active Server Pages) allows those with ASP programming knowledge to customize the application
All information is stored in a relational database.  Microsoft Access or SQL Server 7.0 versions available.
Auto Delete feature for deleting old post cards
Supports a wide range of email programs including CDONTS, ASP Mail, Simple Mail, OCX Mail, J Mail, AB Mail, and Bamboo Mail.
Easy-to-use HTML administration interface.
Detailed real-time statistical reporting.
User-Defined features for greeting cards includes: Background Image or Background Color, Default Message, Default Headline, Picture and Thumbnail Image.
Search Feature allows users to search for cards by keywords.
Auto email card author when recipient picks up their card.
Product is delivered with over 450 starter pics already in database. (Version 2.1 and higher)
Now supports flash, javascript, and other user-defined cards.  View a Javascript example.
An image upload option has been added to allow users to upload their own images.
Music is now assigned to one or more categories. When picking a card the user is then presented only with Music from that specific category.
Colors can now be defined for the search page.
Colors/font name are now defined for categories.
Colors/Font are now defined for each individual card
The message displayed after a card has been created is now
A search option has been added to the administrative interface.


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